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Welcome to NYC5 ART FUNDRAISER for Humanitarian Aid

100% of sale proceeds will go to an non-profit organization for humanitarian aid and relief efforts.


Would you like to help with humanitarian aid and relief efforts for NYC ? Here's an opportunity to show up big and help make a difference! I'm selling a collection of curated original location drawings and art, and donating 100% of proceeds to an NYC non-profit organization helping with humanitarian aid and relief efforts. There are 5 NYC non-profit organizations to choose from by you the art collector to receive donations. My goal was to sell five originals representing the five boroughs of NYC and not only have we achieved that goal but the art fund relief effort is continuing further and expanding! All art was made by Jedidiah Dore and original reportage art is created on location, made in NYC by Jedidiah Dore. Note: prices do not include frames. Simply click on images to view the artwork. The 5 NYC non-profits you can select from and we are donating proceeds to are: The Bowery Mission, The Robin Hood Relief Fund, Food Bank For New York City, Bread & Life, New York Foundation for the Arts.

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