I grew up by NASA Ames in Moffett Field Naval Air Station in California. When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, drawing all the different spacecraft I imagined I would pilot on wondrous missions. That’s pretty much how I started learning to draw. I moved to NYC to study painting and illustration at Pratt Institute, spending most of my life living in Brooklyn and NYC. Inspired by my love for science and space exploration, I began an ongoing art project called Stellar Science Series with much of initial ideas and concepts sketched on location. I am an artist specializing in reportage and on-site documentary drawing. Reportage art is a proactive and dedicated process of creating a visual essay through documentary drawing. The project has taken me on great adventures to places such as Mars Yard for Curiosity Rover, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Deep Space Network, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, and opportunities to create space art for Jacob Technologies, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and exhibit my art at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Today finds me continuing my explorations in reportage art and painting, enjoying my work as a Visual Arts Educator, training as an amateur Muay Thai fighter, and striving onward with the same curiosity and wonder I had as a boy piloting spacecraft to the unknown.


Jedidiah Dore