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Jedidiah Dore is an Artist and Educator based in Brooklyn, NYC. He specializes in reportage illustration and painting. He is currently commissioned to paint a large-scale NYC Murals Project at the landmark Daily News Building in Manhattan and create art for an upcoming exhibition for NASA. Jedidiah was raised by NASA Ames in Moffett Field Naval Air Station in California. After studying painting and illustration at Pratt Institute, and being inspired by his love for science and space exploration, he began an ongoing project called Stellar Science Series and a reportage art series chronicling throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC for over a decade and counting.

His art projects have taken him to places such as Mars Yard for Curiosity Rover, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Deep Space Network, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, and opportunities to create space art for Jacob Technologies, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and exhibit art for NASA at Goddard Space Flight Center. Jedidiah and his work have been featured in publications including VoyageHouston’s “Thought Provoker’s Series,” British GQ, and features in PBS, ALL Arts, Artnet, and in books such as "Pen and Ink", "Reportage drawing: Visual Journalism", "STELLAR", and "NYC5 Over, Under, Through". Today finds Jedidiah continuing explorations in reportage art and painting, enjoying work as a Visual Arts Educator, training as an amateur Muay Thai fighter, and striving onward with the same curiosity and wonder he had as a boy piloting spacecraft to the unknown.

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