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Steamboat Natchez - New Orleans Reportage

Steamboat Natchez - New Orleans Reportage

This original art is part of the NYC5 Art Fund for humanitarian aid and relief efforts. 100% of proceeds will be donated to one of five non profit organizations helping with relief efforts. The non profit organization will be selected by the art collector. If you're awesome and would like to help donate to a good cause by purchasing this art, simply select the PURCHASE button.


Reportage art of steamboat Natchez, New Orleans, Louisiana. I wanted to include this drawing because New Orleans has been hit especially hard by the pandemic and NOLA is a city close to my heart. This drawing is dedicated to the people, culture, and music of the birthplace of Jazz. I loved drawing the steamboat Natchez as much as I love New Orleans. I heard from a local that these steamers once filled the Mississippi and were docked so close together, end to end, that a person could walk from boat to boat without getting their feet wet.


Steamboat Natchez

pen and ink, watercolor, crayon

18 x 24 inches

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