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NASA Art Exhibition

I’m so thrilled to announce that NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has invited me back to create art for exhibitions celebrating the James Webb Space Telescope launch this October and First Light images. Equally special is that the exhibitions will have our original group of artists who in 2016 were invited to view JWST at Goddard and create art on site and inspired by the occasion. Thank you to everyone at NASA Goddard and the magnificent work they do to help us get a glimpse of where we came from.

On the last slide is an incredible photograph and a reminder of why I love the JWST mission. It’s technically not a great photograph as its grainy low-resolution wide-angle camera shot shows. It’s still one of my favorite photos and it wasn’t taken by a human. The image was captured by the Voyager 1 space probe from a distance of almost 4 billion miles away as it snapped one last photo of our solar system and planet earth before it closed its eyes and shut down its cameras forever. The photograph shows a few sunlight beams reflecting into frame and in the right side orange light, slightly below midway is a tiny blue dot, which shows our planet earth. A beautiful family portrait of us, and a gentle reminder by Voyager1 of just how fragile and alone earth seems in the abyss and vastness of space. *Click on the images scroll and view full size*

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