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Made in Manhattan Mural

The is the story behind my new large scale mural I painted at the landmark Daily News Building here in NYC. This mural painting measures 21 x 10ft with the entire panoramic at 34ft in length.

I loved every bit of the work creating this piece. Everything from the drawing phase to painting and because the mural is massive,it became a very physical act having to use my entire body in motion to help create marks. I remember returning to painting the murals project at News Building after I had just begun painting the first of the murals when the city quarantined for 3 months and then crying when I returned to the building during NYC Phase 1 work. I looked at this huge blank wall and felt so inspired to create something special I could dedicate to the many lives lost in NYC during our pandemic epicenter quarantine period. I’m thrilled to share this “Made in Manhattan” mural here at the Daily News Building.

Hand painted with every bit of love in NYC

“It would take one subway ride for the Dalai Lama to turn into a lunatic." - Fran Lebowitz


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