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Creative Chats Interview

Please catch this episode of my chat on Creative Chats with host Mike Brennan. We had a terrific conversation about art and everything wrapped around it. Mike is one of the most kind and positive people I know and we always get into some deep water conversations. This one’s not to be missed! Give it a listen (episode 65) available on your favorite platform ( links below) and send me a message to let me know your thoughts.

Click link to Listen:


On episode 65 of Creative Chats podcast I chat with my friend Jedidiah Dore Art illustrator, educator, actor, musician & all around creative.

We talk about his art journey, the importance of art instruction, being a life long learner and not giving up because breakthrough might be just around the bend!

I know you’ll find a lot of encouragement & value in this episode!

Check it out at or on your favorite streaming platform.


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