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NBD - Space Center

NBD - Space Center

The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Ink, Gouache, acrylic

on cover stock

9 x 12 inches


The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. The training facility, which I was incredibly lucky enough to see and draw on site has a full size mock-up of the International Space Station. Astronauts use the modules and payloads for EVA training and simulation.


Thank you for your interest in this original painting by the artist Jedidiah Dore. Art comes varnished with UV and dust protection and is signed and certified by the artist. Please send a message if you have any questions regarding this art, or if you’re interested in something similar and special that can be created for you.

Price includes free shipping, insurance, and safe packaging costs. International shipments outside United States will additional shipping cost ranging from $25-50.

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