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Dynamic Reportage Drawing in Mexico City with Jedidiah Dore

Capturing the rich cultural history and color of Mexico City in reportage.

The Dynamic Reportage Drawing and Creative Color workshop is designed to introduce an exciting, creative, and energetic approach to reportage illustration concepts and a complete guide to a successful location sketching practice. The workshop will involve learning to draw dynamic scenes with a sense of character and storytelling by experimenting and exploring color, line work, and playful painting methods. Ideas in storytelling, along with various sketching strategies, design in drawing, and a variety of painting techniques are introduced. An emphasis on the importance of personality and spontaneity will be practiced to create a more expressive and playful quality to the art. We will also learn useful story boarding techniques, tools of the trade, how to capture lively scenes, experimenting with materials and methods, along with various art approaches and other unique ideas to jump start your location drawing and reportage art --all this as we explore fascinating locations throughout Mexico City, Mexico.

Click on this link to sign up for this incredible workshop or find out more information.

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