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I am a visual artist who specializes in reportage illustration and documentary drawing. I gravitate to capturing motion and action, the flow of people, and activity in rural and urban settings in a dynamic way. My reportage art is a proactive and dedicated process of creating a visual essay through documentary drawings typically accomplished on location. Every situation or place I reportage has a unique kind of energy and culture, color, sight, and sound. Before I decide on a location, I study its historical/cultural past and consider its present and future. So much activity happens in the duration of my drawing, there's little occasion to think about what to describe; rather with synchronized energy and gestures of quick application of ink, line, and marks, I desire to capture both the feeling of and movement over, under and through that time and space. I emphasize spacial qualities of verticality, dimension, and scale to evoke the advance of time and passages through.  

The purpose of my drawing becomes transitory in nature, expressing the beauty of a culture that exists not only in surfaces of great architecture and urban landscape but also in the conscious transformation and energy of people moving through these spaces along with my own connection in capturing them.

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